Buddy Fischer
Video Game Developer and 3D Animator

Buddy Fischer
Video Game Developer
3D Graphics, Character Animation, Graphics Effects, Gameplay Programming

Freestyle City
Created game engine using WebGL/Javascript.
Implemented skeletal animation system with vertex skinning.
Implemented 3D model export pipeline in Blender.
Implemented 2D collision detection with momentum-based physics.
Implemented mouse-driven UI.
Implemented audio.
Created 3D models and animations.
Created music.
Magic: Legends
Star Trek: Online
Cryptic Studios
Created internal special effects editing tool used in Magic: Legends.
Implemented particle and material effects using HLSL compute shaders.
Maintained 3D model export pipeline using 3ds Max and Maya.
Mafia III
Hangar 13 (2K Games)
Implemented melee combat controls for player character.
Added interrogation hostage system with synchronized animations.
Implemented swimming controls for player character.
Implemented controls for special player abilities.
WAD Viewer VR
Google Cardboard
(indie development)
Created app for viewing 3D game environments in VR on mobile devices.
Added stereoscopic visibility detection using binary space partitioning.
Implemented 3D collision detection with moving platforms.
Implemented 3D UI controls and file browser for VR.
War Commander
Implemented player abilities and weapons using ActionScript.
Implemented UI for player upgrades and online event feature.
The Pioneer Trail
Club Penguin
Zynga (Buzz Monkey)
Implemented game logic for special online events using ActionScript.
Updated server backend using PHP.
Ported web-based minigames to iPad (Flash/ActionScript to C++)
Upgraded web-based minigames from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3.
Super Scribblenauts
Drawn to Life 2
5TH Cell
Implemented UI for menu screens with animated transitions and effects.
Implemented 2D skeletal animation with skinned polygons.
Implemented physics puzzles using Box2D engine.


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